6 Best Server Rack to Buy in 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Server Rack reviewsYou have delayed and delayed, telling yourself you don’t need it, but you have eventually yielded. Yes, we are all losing to our haphazardly placed cables and devices. Yet putting them on a rack seems like too much work. But here’s the truth, it’s the single chore of assembling once, and then you won’t have to look at the ugly disorganized shelf ever again.

So, those of you who have finally given up on their messy table, we have the best server racks to help you organize them in a blink. These are fully professional racks that you can use for your office or home. If you’ve got a bunch of wires and routers troubling you, this is what you need.

Best Network Server Racks and Enclosures

For this review, we have chosen products that are highly rated by all and evaluated by our experts.

1. Tripp Lite 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet

Highlighted features
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has locking front door and side panel
  • Steel constructed and wall mounting
  • Can hold on up to 200 lb.

Tripp Lite 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server CabinetFor any IT equipment needs, you can rely on Tripp Lite to have the solution. This is where they have stood out for years, being an affordable solution to the regular IT products you need. Their rack is one of the most convenient ones you can find on the market right now.

One reason why individuals avoid enclosures is they fear assembling it. And for them, Tripp Lite delivers their rack fully assembled. This isn’t a small rack either. It takes a good amount of space whether you mount it on the wall and floor. Yes, you can mount it anywhere you like. It has a load capacity of 200 lb. and even if you set this on the wall, it will stay put firmly.

Further, mounting this on the wall will not make accessing it difficult. This was designed in a way that it swings back from the wall bracket, giving you full access to your devices when needed.

It’s also one of the safer options as it has a strong locking mechanism. You can keep the front door locked as well as the side panels. The whole enclosure has a sturdy steel construction that will keep your switches safe and secured. This is good for classrooms and other tight spaces that need safety.

2. Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet

Highlighted features
  • Good ventilation all around
  • Can be mounted on the wall or be kept as a rolling rack
  • Spacious racks with 16.5” accommodation depth
  • Built for offices, classrooms, and tight spaces

Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server CabinetThe main reason for choosing Tripp Lite for the top two spots is simple. They provide the best value for money. You will find cheaper ones, and you will also find sturdier ones, but you won’t find a better deal than this.

If your floor space is limited or in need of a renovation, then this is the perfect time to neatly rearrange the cables and devices. This wall-mounted rack will be one of your most satisfying investments as it can be mounted anywhere and is easily accessible.

With the vented structure in the front, side, top, and bottom, this easily lets airflow in and out, making sure your devices remain cool. But the vents aren’t big enough for debris to freely enter and make it their home. Hence, the hassles of cleaning are also significantly reduced.

On top of that, this has the locking mechanisms that we trust in Tripp Lite. Thus, this is a good option for the office or school use. But if you’ve got a tight space in your apartment and need someplace else to keep all the switches and routers, this will be perfect for you for its price and size. The size is big enough to accommodate most of your devices but not enough to look oddly large to grab attention.

It has been strategically built to equip your devices while keeping a clean outlook. The rack spaces and the vertical mounting rails will allow placing in devices with up to 16.5″ of depth.

3.  StarTech 8U Hinged Open Frame Wall Mount Network Rack

Highlighted features
  • Simple open frame design
  • Hinged door for open access
  • Constructed from durable Steel
  • Shipped with all the necessary screws and nuts

StarTech 8U Hinged Open Frame Wall Mount Network RackStartech.com has been among the top IT companies since 1985. Their long history of IT means they know exactly what their customers need. Hence, the rack is one of a kind for its simple yet strong built.

This is a pretty open rack, meaning the air will flow about it without restriction and keep your devices cool. With the open frame design, it is nearly always accessible and good for those who have a cramped office and want their mounted device to breathe.

Apart from that, this can handle a very moderate weight of 140 lb. which is sufficient for small offices and personal use. Further, this also features a hinged door that opens up the entire rack to you, and even if you have space constraint, you can work on it with ease.

While the design has been kept simple, the build is top-notch. The SPCC cold rolled steel not only strengthens the rack but is very resilient to rusting or oxidizing. It won’t incur dents or marks either.

4. StarTech 12U Wall Mount Rack

Highlighted features
  • Follows TAA requirements
  • Wall-mounted design with open frames
  • Can weigh up to 350lb.
  • Sturdy and durable construction

StarTech 12U Wall Mount RackThe significantly larger 12U rack from startech is for those who need more space and more tidying up. As you already know, Startech started their innovative inventions way back and by now have gotten the full hang of it. As a result, their products are equally ergonomic and durable.

It’s much bigger than the other model, and it can weigh more devices as well. On top of that, the open frame design makes for unobstructed airflow and your devices will always remain cool.

This, like the previous one, has a firm construction. With the same Special steel that startech uses this is durable and sturdy. A build that is fit for handling your heavy servers. Also, this is a sideways mount design and lets you make the best of the spaces you have.

Although this doesn’t come assembled, installing is straightforward. You won’t have to spend hours on it, and all the necessary screws and parts are provided in the package.

One of the better things about Startech is their products always strictly follow the law, and you are guaranteed to get their unfiltered best services. But all its services don’t come cheap; this rack is more on the higher-priced section. But considering the capacity and its size, the price is understandable.

5. NavePoint 4ft Open Frame

Highlighted features
  • Great for small IT offices and businesses
  • Rolling rack that can be mounted
  • Includes all the parts needed for installation
  • Open frame design for mobility

NavePoint 4ft Open FrameNavepoint is the home for your IT needs. Cables, wires, devices, etc.; they have got it all. Being a brand with a variety of products, they have an array of enclosures. But among them, the one that best tickled our fancy is their rolling caster.

The best part of this rack is it can be turned into a rolling rack just as fast as it can be poised to the floor. The two states are easy to go back and forth from, which makes this very easy to move around.

Now, this isn’t recommended for those who want to keep their servers and cables locked away into an unreachable closet. We recommend this to those who have to frequent their servers often. An IT person who works with many servers, cables, routers, etc. will find this highly approachable to work with. This will also lessen the number of trips he has to take when working on the servers.

Apart from that, this rack is of decent size to accommodate professionals. Further, the depth adjustment also leaves many options to personalize how you want to set up the racks.

6. NavePoint 12U Deluxe IT Wallmount Cabinet Enclosure

Highlighted features
  • Heat-treated glass front door
  • Built from sturdy steel
  • Resistant to rusting and corroding
  • Available in 5 different configurations

NavePoint 12U Deluxe IT Wallmount Cabinet EnclosureWe have said before when it comes to variety, its hard to compete with NavePoint. The sheer number of choices they present you is enough to confuse one for days. But we have done the hard task for you and selected from their heavy collection.

This is one of their more secure racks. Also, this is a proper enclosure that will safely keep your servers as you need. And you can find this in many sizes, but for this, we have chosen the 12U as this review is centered towards moderately sized racks.

As we mentioned its security, it is evident this can be used by offices, data centers, IT businesses. All your devices will neatly sit on the racks and will be the least of your concerns. The front door is extra sturdy with its heat-treated glass. It also comes with a security lock.

If you need a bigger or smaller size, you can find this rack in 5 different configurations to choose from. All with the same built. This uses the durable SPCC steel that many brands trust on. The durability isn’t the only thing it has going for itself; it’s also resistant to rust.

Finally, it has the depth and adjustability to make space for your different devices. Although this is a covered design, it has well-vented slots to make air flow consistent.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Server Rack

Whether you have bought enclosures before or not, you’d want to know the following clarifications.

Best network server racks aren’t necessarily for a server alone; it can host a number of devices, including your power supply, switches, and routers. It is a nifty way to keep the cables and wires together without them falling all across the table. Therefore, when buying one, you should consider one that can accommodate all the devices.

Rack Width and Height

The usual width of rack servers is 19,” but you can find them in other variants as well.

But with racks, the important configuration is their unit size, which is measured as one rack unit equals 1.75″.

This is how you will see most racks are mentioned, and you will have to figure out what size you need from the rack unit. This tells the height of your rack and will determine how many rack-mount servers your enclosure can fit.

Depending on the number of racks mounts you need, your product will vary. So, this is the most important consideration.


Most racks are made from steel and might or might not have a glass door. But even among steel, quality differs highly. We recommend buying better steel quality if you plan to wall-mount the rack. It will need the extra sturdiness when wall mounted.


Racks can have many designs. Some have an open frame design with only four corners to shape it. These are always easily accessible and quick to assemble as well.

The cabinet racks can be good for when you need security or don’t like the open frame design. For this type, make sure they have proper ventilation. Otherwise, the devices inside will heat up.


With cabinet racks, locks are an important addition. The locks will help from unrestricted access to the devices.


In the case of floor mounting, you can also keep the casters on. So, that the rack is mobile and you have more flexibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between tower racks and rack servers?

Ans: Tower racks don’t have mounted server racks in them and are standalone enclosures. They are taller and look like a PC tower.

2. Do I need a rack for personal use?

Ans: Yes, nowadays, programmers, designers, gamers, etc. need racks to assemble all their switches, routers, and cables. It is common to use smaller racks when you dislike the cable mess.

3. What are rails used for?

Ans: Rails are attached to the racks to allow sliding in motion with the racks. This makes servers more accessible.

4. Do I need to assemble the rack?

Ans: Yes, depending on the product may need to be screwed on and installed. However, you can find racks that are shipped assembled and ready for out of the box use.

5. Why do I need to check for ventilation?

With devices that are always running on power, they can heat up quickly. Having no airflow will make them hotter.

Final Words

Buying the best server rack is all about the specifications that meet your requirement. All the brands have good products that will appeal to different people based on what they are looking for. So, if you know what kind of enclosure you need and have an idea of the material it’s made from, you’re good to go.

But if you still aren’t sure which one you need, then you can go with our reliable list, as it has picked the best ones out there.

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